US company announces partnership with Turkish Özgül

US company announces partnership with Turkish Özgül

US company announces partnership with Turkish Özgül The Cadmus Group announced that it has entered into an exclusive strategic partnership with Özgül Holding for Turkey and neighboring countries in a written statement on June 9. 

Özgül is a Turkish project management and business development firm based in Istanbul and Ankara which also provides environmental consultancy services through one of its subsidiaries. The company has investments and projects in wind, solar, and gas power generation across the Turkish energy market. 

“Özgül is committed to helping Turkey and the region, more broadly, meet accelerating demands for electricity. They have a deep understanding of the regulatory framework and the economic climate for power development, and a well-deserved reputation for providing clients the highest quality of technical and project management support,” said Peter Trick, Cadmus executive vice president. 

“We look forward to working with our partners at Özgül to support sustainable economic and energy development in Turkey,” he added. 

Cadmus will initiate this partnership by supporting Özgül in the assessment of potential environmental and social impacts associated with the development of three new natural gas-fueled power plants in Turkey.

Cadmus conducts environmental and social impact assessments for development projects worldwide. This support helps private and governmental organizations’ efforts to operate safely and sustainably.

“With the added Cadmus experience, our already strong team is looking forward to providing infrastructure with collaboration on new projects and existing studies. While we are excited to team up with Cadmus, who is involved closely with the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, our faith in this partnership is strong because Turkey’s global energy transmission lines have a big role in local peace and economic growth in the region,” said Özgül Holding Chairman of the Executive Board Dr. Ömer Faruk Özgül.