Uni Film Fest begins at Uludağ University

Uni Film Fest begins at Uludağ University

BURSA - Anatolia News Agency
The first film festival between universities, Uni Film Fest, kicked off at Uludağ University.

“All the films will be free of charge,” festival director Ali Çalışır said. “There will be workshops provided as part of the film festival events. There will be cinema lessons and young people will have the chance to learn cinema techniques.”

The festival aroused huge interest internationally, Çalışır said, and the festival will bring the best examples of Turkish cinema.

Uni Film Fest will be full of surprises and there will also be a short film competition made among university students, Çalışır said. Students will have the chance to win 10,000 Turkish Liras prize money at the end of the competition.

Uludağ University Rector Kamil Dilek said he was really honored to host such a film festival in Bursa. The festival will include award-winning movies and gather directors, artists and students on the same platform, Dilek told the festival’s opening reception.

The festival will continue until May 2012 and spread to eight universities.