Turkish traders seek help of diplomats to surge exports

Turkish traders seek help of diplomats to surge exports

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Turkish traders seek help of diplomats to surge exports

Turkish business circles have sought support from country’s ambassadors and trade counsellors posted in world capitals, to improve trade ties with foreign nations, heads of the country's prominent business organizations said on Aug. 6.

Nail Olpak, the chairman of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK), said they desire to benefit from the country's diplomatic corps -- the fifth largest in the world.

Speaking to Turkish ambassadors at a dinner hosted by DEIK and Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM), Olpak said the board decided to work with Turkey’s trade counsellors abroad more interactively, through frequent communication.

"Communication is a vital power. We will keep it open and continue to use it effectively,” he said.

Olpak said with 146 business councils, the DEIK has made trade diplomacy its mission.

"DEIK is conducting numerous projects and studies related to African Continental Free Trade Agreement, post-Brexit relations with the U.K, $100 billion trade volume target with the U.S., the Belt and Road Initiative of China, and the target markets determined by Turkish trade ministry," he said.

Olpak also said the business expects better investment conditions, thanks to decreasing interest rates, both in Turkey and around the world.

“We need to increase our savings and transfer them to the fields that support Turkey’s economic growth and strengthen industry," he said.

Olpak added that in the next four years -- which are slated to be election free in Turkey— there would be a great opportunity for decisive actions and reforms to reach sustainable economic growth and more qualified production.

Objective is to be among top 30 exporter countries

Speaking at the same event, the TIM's head İsmail Gülle recalled that the global trade volume hit its historic peak last year with over $20 trillion.

As an important ‘soft power’ of Turkey, Gülle said TIM provides services 7/24 for the country’s 85,000 exporters informing them about the global opportunities, trends and threats.

"In the January-July period this year, Turkey’s exports were $104 billion breaking seven-month record of all time," he said.

Gülle stated that the support of Turkish ambassadors and trade counsellors have increased confidence of exporters, to access healthy market information.

“We would like to take more share from the $6 trillion worth of global services trade.''

He said the TIM target was to make Turkey among the top 30 exporter countries by 2023 to mark the centennial of the Republic.