Turkish Rönesans’ subsidiary awarded 1 bln euro Dutch project

Turkish Rönesans’ subsidiary awarded 1 bln euro Dutch project

Turkish Rönesans’ subsidiary awarded 1 bln euro Dutch project Turkey’s Rönesans Holding has said it is set to undertake a 1 billion euro public-private-partnership (PPP) project in the Netherlands through its Dutch-based company. 

In a statement on July 24, Rönesans said A24 Blankenburgverbinding, a giant infrastructure project in Rotterdam, was provisionally awarded to a consortium composed of Ballast Nedam - owned by Rönesans - as well as DEME and Macquarie. 

“Rijkswaterstaat [Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management of the Netherlands] has the intention to award the Public-Private Partnership [PPP] project A24 Blankenburgverbinding to BAAK Blankenburg-Verbinding, a consortium consisting of Ballast Nedam, DEME and Macquarie. The project consists of the designing, building, management and maintenance for a period of 20 years of the existing and new infrastructure,” the statement said. 

The A24 Blankenburgverbinding connects the A20 and the A15, and improves access to the economically important Rotterdam region, it added. 

The project Blankenburgverbinding originates from Masterplan Rotterdam Vooruit (2009), a vision of the development for the Rotterdam region that covers the period 2020-2040, according to the statement. 

Ballast Nedam chair Cenk Düzyol said the project has a total nominal value of approximately 1 billion euros, including a 20-year management and maintenance period after the new infrastructure becomes available, it also noted. 

“Following this provisional award, the other tenderer may object to the authorities’ intention if no objections are submitted. The final award will follow,” he added. 

Rönesans bought the majority stake in Ballast Nedam, which is an almost 140-year-old Dutch company, in 2015.