Turkish PM names 'innovative' professor as chief economy adviser

Turkish PM names 'innovative' professor as chief economy adviser

Turkish PM names innovative professor as chief economy adviser Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has named Boğaziçi University Professor Emine Nur Günay, who is a renowned innovation and trade specialist, as his chief economy adviser.

Günay, known for her work in innovation-based growth and joint projects with Turkish companies of various sizes, is a member of the teaching roster of Boğaziçi University’s International Trade Department. 

She is also the head of the university’s Center for Innovation and Competition-based Development Studies (CInCoD).

In addition to working with several Turkish companies and banks, she has also conducted a number of academic studies on Turkey’s trade opportunities.

In the economic action plan announced in early November, Prime Minister Davutoğlu had stressed the government’s desire to pursue a “technology and information-based growth model” to achieve its ambitious economic goals.

Günay’s views on the importance of human capital to sustain strong growth also indicate a similarity with Davutoğlu’s previous remarks on the issue, with both citing human capital as key for an innovation-based economy based on research and development.