Turkish ministry revokes mining license of Alamos Gold

Turkish ministry revokes mining license of Alamos Gold

Turkish ministry revokes mining license of Alamos Gold

The Agriculture and Forestry Ministry has revoked the mining license of Alamos Gold, a Canadian-based intermediate gold producer, on the grounds that the firm’s license to mine gold in Kaz Mountains was not extended.

The ministry officials stated that the company could no longer perform any operations in the forest area and that all processes related to the field should start from scratch in order to extract gold, according to daily Hürriyet.

Alamos Gold, which has bought a site in Turkey’s northwestern province of Çanakkale, faced strong resistance from locals and activists in 2019 due to the construction of a cyanide gold mine in a densely forested area, known as the Kaz Mountains.

Ministry officials reminded that the company must apply for an extension to the General Directorate of Mining and Petroleum Affairs (MAPEG) before its license expires.

Authorities stated that if MAPEG also approves the application and decides to extend the license, the company should apply to the Regional Directorate of Forestry until the end of the working day on the last day of the permit.

“Alamos Gold could not request renewal of the permit. Therefore, the company’s license was canceled by the ministry,” said a ministry official who informed daily Hürriyet.

Authorities underlined that in order for the company to continue its activities, it must follow all the procedures right from the beginning, as it is in the case of applying for a license for the first time.

When asked whether the deserted hills will be rehabilitated after 350,000 trees have been cut down in the area, officials noted that it was possible to rehabilitate the site whose natural structure was damaged due to mining activities, however, it would be discussed with the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry first.

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