Turkish handballer transfers to Swedish giant

Turkish handballer transfers to Swedish giant

Turkish handballer transfers to Swedish giant

A handball player from the local Yenimahalle Municipality Women’s Handball Team in the capital Ankara has been transferred to Sweden’s IFK Kristianstad, one of Europe’s leading handball teams, after scoring 18 goals in two matches between the two.

“I have been playing for Yenimahalle for two years. This is a huge step and is new and exciting for me,” 21-year-old Beyza Karaçam said after her club announced the transfer.

Karaçam, who previously played for two local Black Sea teams, Samsunspor and Görele, came third on the top scorers’ list in the 2020-21 season with 118 goals.

“We played with IFK on November 2021 at the Europe Cup qualifications. I scored 10 goals there and 8 goals here in Ankara. After the matches, they offered me to play for them,” Karaçam said.

Thanking all those involved with her transfer, she especially was grateful to Yenimahalle’s coach, Serdar Eler. “He supported me from the beginning,” she added.

The Ankara side also congratulated the player in a statement published on the club’s website. “We are unhappy to part ways with Beyza but also happy for her as she will play in IFK, a team that keeps the bar high,” the statement said.

“Beyza will have a bright future in her new team. We, as Yenimahalle, work hard on groundwork coaching and upskill new young players.”

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