Turkish gov’t points at opportunities in Greece

Turkish gov’t points at opportunities in Greece

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet
Turkish gov’t points at opportunities in Greece

The Turkish economy ministry wrote to turkish chambers to give briefing about investment opportunities in Greece, making a 300-project list. REUTERS Photo

The Turkish Ministry of Economy has called for businessmen to invest in Greece, inviting to them to benefit from the “bargain” investment opportunities.

The ministry sent a written note to chambers across Turkey explaining the investment chances in its neighboring country, which is still struggling to recover from its economic crisis.

The note said the ministry had prepared a 300-project list of potential investment opportunities over a wide range of sectors including tourism, real estate, food and export fields. The investment cost of the listed projects starts from around 2 million euros, it added.

“It has been said that some of these projects can be applied for instantly,” the note read.

The ministry particularly mentioned two industrial sites planned in Crete, the largest Greek island, one close to the island’s Kastelli airport and the other in Hanya province.