Turkish foundation donates food to homeless in DC

Turkish foundation donates food to homeless in DC

Turkish foundation donates food to homeless in DC

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread in parts of the U.S., mostly hurting vulnerable residents, a Turkish sports foundation stepped out to deliver food to homeless residents in Washington, D.C.

Members of Fenerbahçe DC, the branch of Turkish Football club Fenerbahçe, came together at Franklin Square, which is packed with tens of camp tents that house homeless people amid the pandemic.

"From day one, I have been asking: who is going to help them while most people are staying at home?" Erhan Türk, the chairman of the foundation, told Anadolu Agency about his motive to deliver 200 food plates.

"There are people and other foundations who are helping homeless residents. We also want to do our part and say we are all in this together," said Türk.

Türk said he was inspired by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who launched a massive aid campaign in Turkey, and Fenerbahçe Chairman Ali Koç, who encouraged social responsibility campaigns.

He said the foundation will launch another food donation, this time for members of the Turkish-American community, in an effort to help those in need.

"I believe the pandemic will end as did the previous ones. But what matters here is that we must unite to help each other overcome this period," said Türk.

The donation included a plate of chicken with rice, Turkish dessert Baklava and water.

In April, two Turkish restaurant owners delivered food and coffee to healthcare workers and first responders fighting the coronavirus in Virginia, expressing solidarity with those on the frontlines of the battle against the disease.

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