Turkish exporters ‘proving their success during pandemic era’

Turkish exporters ‘proving their success during pandemic era’

Turkish exporters ‘proving their success during pandemic era’

Turkish exporters have once again proven their success under extraordinary conditions, Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) Chair İsmail Gülle has said.

“With alternative models that we developed by working harder in the period that started with the pandemic, we once again showed the world how successful Turkish exporters are under extraordinary conditions,” Gülle said yesterday while speaking at the awards ceremony for the ninth Future of Automotive Design Competition.

“Last month, we realized the highest September exports, exceeding $16 billion,” he said.

“In this success, we cannot ignore the contribution of the automotive sector, which is among the sectors most affected by the pandemic, reaching the pre-pandemic export figures,” Gülle added.

Stating that it is important for young people to show interest in the automotive sector, Gülle said that within the scope of the competition, original and innovative projects that would increase the added value created by the sector would be realized.

“We want our exporters to add more value to their products with new designs and new ideas,” he said, adding that Turkish companies should invest more in R&D and innovation.

Turkey should be a country that does not only make use of technology but also designs and manufactures it,” Gülle added.

The TIM president also said that sustainability is a key factor in the industry, and it is paramount that the Turkish companies transform into companies that make quick decisions and do flawless work.

“We know that sustainable production infrastructure will gain more importance in the coming period,” he said.