Turkish economy ministry eyes to export fine quality goods

Turkish economy ministry eyes to export fine quality goods

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
The Turkish Ministry of Economy is set to implement sanctions on local companies that export poor quality agricultural products that could damage the reputation of Turkish goods in foreign markets.

“We will strengthen the image of Turkish products in export markets,” Zafer Çağlyan, the Turkish economy minister said.

The ministry introduced a tightening of regulations by making adjustments to the government decision that regulated Turkey’s customs union with the European Union in 1995 considering the progress made in the world and in the EU in the course of the time.

The main focus of sanctions will be fresh fruit and vegetables to be exported by Turkish companies.

By increasing the surveillance and controls over the quality of products, the ministry eyes to contribute to competitive power and prestige of export goods to maintain its position among the export markets. “We work really hard to enhance our companies’ positions in international export markets and we want to preserve our share as well as boost it,” the minister said in a written statement. He stressed that Turkey needs to lay a substantial weight on the quality of its products to achieve its goal of exporting $500 billion by 2023.

In case of the detection of anyviolations of good standards, the exporter companies will be under sanctions, the ministry said.