Turkish e-commerce giant sells 2 mln products on ‘Legendary Friday’

Turkish e-commerce giant sells 2 mln products on ‘Legendary Friday’

Turkish e-commerce giant sells 2 mln products on ‘Legendary Friday’

Turkey’s leading e-commerce company Hepsiburada has said it sold 2 million products through more than half a million orders during “Legendary Friday,” a new branding created by the company to turn Black Friday into a major celebration day in Turkey.

In a statement sharing the results of Legendary Friday, the company said more than 11 million people visited the platform on Nov. 24 and its mobile application was downloaded by 604,000 users, becoming the most popular app in Turkey that day.

The platform also lured 20 million visits, read the statement.

Millions of products on the platform, ranging from household appliances to tires, from cosmetics to cell phones, and books to home textiles, in 36 categories were offered with the highest discounts of the year, up to 80 percent off, according to the statement.

“Receiving 523,000 orders from all 81 provinces in Turkey, Hepsiburada sold 2 million products on Legendary Friday. Not a single second went by without a transaction on the day at the Hepsiburada platform, which was visited 20 million times by 11 million visitors,” the company said.

The #LegendaryFriday and #Hepsiburada hashtags became trending topics on Twitter, highlighting the excitement of the celebration which kept the entire country up for 24 hours, it added.

“Hepsiburada offered significant savings to families in Turkey, thanks to the participating workforce of up to 200,000 people, 10,000 small and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs] partners and its retail ecosystem spreading over 61 cities across the nation,” the statement read.