Turkish Cypriots ‘back peace’

Turkish Cypriots ‘back peace’

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Turkish Cypriots ‘back peace’

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Turkish Cyprus Parliament Speaker Sibel Siber has said that as a nation, Turkish Cypriots were backing peace and a resolution to the more than 40-year-old dispute on the divided island, where a peaceful solution is currently being sought with U.N.-brokered talks. 

“We are a nation that has absorbed peace. We also support a resolution at the [peace] talks, which are currently ongoing,” said Siber on Feb. 8, after meeting with her Turkish counterpart, İsmail Kahraman. 

“Our resolution and will for peace was also high in 2004,” she added. 

Siber said the Turkish Cypriot parliament was working to pass contemporary laws, adding the parliament has performed well in regards to being an organ for both legislation and supervision. 

Peace talks to find a solution on the island were re-launched in May 2015, after Greek Cypriots had rejected a U.N. plan to unify the island in 2004.