Turkish companies show interest in Azerbaijani privatization policies

Turkish companies show interest in Azerbaijani privatization policies

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Turkish companies show interest in Azerbaijani privatization policies

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Large companies and conglomerates in Turkey have shown interest in Azerbaijan’s privatization polices and are eagerly awaiting the announcement of a new privatization package, Turkey-Azerbaijan Business Council Chairman Selçuk Akat has said.

Speaking at a press conference at the Turkish Embassy in Baku, Akat said Turkish businessmen in Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani businessmen in Turkey always supported activities and investments in both countries, adding there was great potential for the development of economic relations between the two countries.
“Both sides are making great efforts for the realization of this potential,” Akat said.

“There can be significant investments in Azerbaijan from Turkey after the announcement of the package,” he added.

The first foreign bank, the first five-star hotel, the first insurance company and the first hypermarket in Azerbaijan were opened by Turkish investors and future investments will find their direction based on the information disclosed in the privatization program. 

Akat noted that there were 685,000 Turkish companies in the construction, logistics, food, textile and tourism sectors in Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, Turkish Ambassador to Baku Ismail Alper Çoşkun said Turkey was faced with a treacherous attempt on July 15, referring to the failed coup attempt of July 15 blamed on the Fethullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ), but the danger had been dispelled by statesmen as a result of protecting the constitutional rules.

Çoşkun urged the Turkish nation and its political parties and institutions to stick together, adding that serious and strong measures had been taken against FETÖ in order to ensure that not the slightest trace of the failed coup attempt would be left. He also said that “the coup attempt targeted the survival of Turkey and also the Turkish economy.”

“Despite all the speculation, the Turkish economy continues its natural course. The resistance of the Turkish economy has passed an important test during the treacherous attempt. Of course, we cannot say that the economy was not affected, because there was a little change in the exchange rate. However, now the economy and the security are stable in Turkey. A Foreign Economic Relations Board’s [DEIK] delegation is also here to conduct cooperation in exchanging ideas with the Azerbaijani government and the cooperation is for our collaboration regarding our planned activities with Azerbaijan,” he said.

He also added the DEIK committee met with Azerbaijan’s deputy prime minister and vice in charge of economic reforms and received information regarding the diversity in Azerbaijan’s economy.

In addition, Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) Baku Program Coordinator Adem Urfa said that 750 projects had been carried out in order to contribute to Azerbaijan’s development and more than 7,000 specialists had been trained so far, adding that they considered Azerbaijan’s priorities while making these contributions. 

Urfa said activities in Azerbaijan would continue to increase and they would pay more attention to the development of non-oil sectors.

The privatization package in Azerbaijan is expected to be made public in the coming months.