Turkish bank awaits innovative ideas

Turkish bank awaits innovative ideas

Turkish bank awaits innovative ideas The Turkish Economic Bank (TEB) is preparing to lend support to innovative ideas about finance technology with its new program. 
TEB Fintech Future Four Program is awaiting entrepreneurs who aim to produce creative ideas, succeed in becoming a team and find innovative solutions for the needs of the banking and finance sectors.
Aiming to reveal technological developments that can change banking and finance in Turkey, the TEB started its new support program especially for startups with ideas and projects about finance technologies.

Teams can apply to the program via the TEB Special Melek Investment Platform (www.melekyatirimplatformu.com) in Turkish or English until Oct. 20.

They have to shoot a short video about a product in their dreams and tell about its value, needs for funds, timing, team, and methodology.

The TEB aims to be the first customer of teams in return for providing access to banking specialists, banking data, and other resources. It also aims to transform ideas into products by bringing teams together with its senior executives. 

The TEB has in the past supported startups with a number of innovator programmes including initiative banking and the Melek Investment Platform.