Turkish Aerospace Industries to produce new body part for Airbus A320

Turkish Aerospace Industries to produce new body part for Airbus A320

Turkish Aerospace Industries to produce new body part for Airbus A320

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Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has reached an agreement with European aeronautics giant Airbus to produce another body part for the jet maker’s A320 planes. 

TAI, which has been manufacturing Section 18 fuselage panels for the A320 family as a single source supplier since 2014, will now produce the body part Section 19 as well. 

The two parts are the significant portions of the fuselage of the family. 

“TAI’s workmanship quality, competitive prices and timely delivery performance paved the way for enhancing our relationship as well as increasing our presence in the Turkish industry with our modern aircraft family,” said Klaus Richter, chief procurement officer of the Airbus Group and Airbus, during a ceremony in Ankara. 

“When we look at the overall Airbus and TAI relationship, we also have to underline the work TAI performs for the A400M and A350 XWB. Both programs are on the serial ramp up phase and deliveries are being performed as per schedule,” he added.

“All of these activities demonstrate the fact that the Airbus-TAI relationship is beyond a simple supplier-customer relationship – it is rather a strategic partnership which carries potential to grow even further,” said Muharrem Dörtkaşlı, president and CEO of TAI.

TAI delivered on April 29 the first of an A330 rudder, following a contract signed two years ago. The component is critical for control of A330 aircraft and is made of carbon fiber. With the first delivery, TAI is set to become the single-source supplier for the component for as long as the A330 is manufactured.

Airbus profits jump

Airbus Group reported on April 30 an 80 percent increase in first-quarter net profits to 792 million euros ($883 million).

“We had a good start into 2015, with a solid operational performance and improved cash generation, further supported by asset sales,” Tom Enders, Airbus Group chief executive, said in a statement, adding that the builder of civilian and military aircraft was “on track to achieve our full year targets.”   

The group said revenues of 12.1 billion euros for the first three months of the year remained virtually stable compared to the same period in 2014.

Airbus said first-quarter orders of aircraft were also level on a year-to-year basis at 21 billion euros. However, it noted that the total value of client orders rose by 11 percent to 954.5 billion euros, thanks in part to the favorable impacts of the euro’s decline on exchange markets.

It also predicted increased revenue for the remainder of 2015, due to a relatively slow early delivery schedule set to accelerate over the year – particularly for the A350 XWB and A380 families of aircraft.

In addition to other favorable business factors, group income received a one-off boost from a 697 million-euro profit on the sale of its 17.5 percent stake in Dassault Aviation.