Turkey’s hunger and poverty limits go up

Turkey’s hunger and poverty limits go up

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Turkey’s hunger and poverty limits go up

This October photo shows people in line in front of a bank branch in Istanbul, who wait to receive an education support provided by the government for their children. DHA photo

The hunger limit for a family of four for November in Turkey stands at 927 Turkish Liras, 6.77 percent higher compared to 11 months ago, and the poverty limit at 3,018 liras, according to the Confederation of Turkish Labor Unions (Türk-İş).

According to November figures by Türk-İş, the “kitchen costs” per family increased by 13 liras due to price increases and a 44-lira burden was also added to living costs in comparison with the previous month.

Türk-İş had calculated the hunger limit – which shows the costs of minimum nutrition needs for a family of four, as 862 liras and the poverty limit as 2,807 liras for 2010. Accordingly, “kitchen expenditures” have increased by 65 liras and the total family’s budget needs by 211 in the past 12 months, the confederation said in its statement yesterday.

The legal minimum gross and net incomes for a person at the age of 16 or older able to work in Turkey were decided as 796.5 and 629.95 liras for the period between January and June, and as 837 and 658.95 liras respectively for the period between July and December during this year, by Turkey’s Minimum Wage Determining Committee.

The minimum amount a family of four has to spend in November for food needs in Ankara has increased by 1.46 percent compared to the previous month. The figure has risen by 6.77 percent compared to 11 months ago, Türk-İş figures show.

The figures were released in the “Hunger and Poverty Limit Research,” which Türk-İş has been publishing for 24 years now. The research is an important indicator of “living conditions of workers,” to which the constitution also calls attention, Türk-İş said in its statement