Turkey’s fine art collection goes digital

Turkey’s fine art collection goes digital

Turkey’s fine art collection goes digital

All those become a member of the library's website will be able to access the vast collection of visual and audio material.

Turkey’s history of cinema, theater, opera, show, politics and advertisement is now digitally available thanks to the Fine Arts System recently formed by the National Library in Ankara.

Anyone who becomes member of the website of the library will be able to access the collection of visual and auditory materials that have been gathered through donations, change or purchase.

The system includes nearly 20,000 film posters for now, and in the near future, the paintings of notable Turkish painters, historical maps with strategic importance, stamps, postcards and others will be presented to researchers.

The system will also enable users to buy copies of the materials in return for a small price.

The largest poster collection of Turkish and foreign cinema and theater, as well as posters from many other events, such as promotions, education and conferences can be seen in the system.

All of the gramophone records in the library, dating back to 1913-1960, have been transferred to the digital environment. A collection consisting of some 5,000 songs is now available in mp3 format.