Turkey's defense industry profile on the rise: Defense industries head

Turkey's defense industry profile on the rise: Defense industries head

LONDON-Anadolu Agency
Turkeys defense industry profile on the rise: Defense industries head

Turkey’s stature and profile in the global defense industry is rising more and more each day, the head of Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency said on Sept. 10.

Attending the four-day Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) in London, İsmail Demir said the event is one of the biggest global defense industry showcases.

“We would like to put our defense industry in the store window and show our abilities and underline that we’re here in the global defense industry system,” said Demir, adding: “As a country, Turkey is getting more and more attention.”

Demir underlined that the defense industry has generally been dominated by a handful of countries, with other countries not seen as exporters, but Turkey can change that.

“In this sense, Turkey should clearly show the point it reached on its own and provide its products in the field,” he said.

Demir said Turkey has been getting good feedback from all countries and is talking with other countries and comparing their abilities, activities, and needs with an eye towards possible joint projects.

“It pleases us that other countries treat Turkey as a cooperation partner and a country which has reached a significant level of technology in defense industry production.”

Great potential with the UK

Underlining the great potential for cooperation with the U.K., Demir said Turkey recently signed an engineering support deal with a British firm for its National Fighter Jet Project.

Demir said Rolls-Royce also made an offer to provide the engine for the national fighter jet project.

“This has been negotiated in different phases. We could hold talks here [in London] again,” he said.

“We also know that last year Britain revealed a project called Tempest. They’re discussing the future fighter jet concept.”

He added: “As a country cooperating with Turkey at the moment, which areas they can do joint work and cooperate with Turkey [on this project] is one of the matters open to discussion.”