Turkey’s Changemakers: Art on the Street

Turkey’s Changemakers: Art on the Street

Turkey’s Changemakers: Art on the Street The Art on the Street Association, which takes art to the streets for peace and freedom, has become the 13th Changemaker of the 8th season of the Sabancı Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program.

“Art on the Street” was founded in 2011 in Edirne by a group of students who dreamed of a world where “art is for everyone,” with the aim of taking art from behind closed doors and making it accessible for every part of society. “Art on the Street,” which became a legal association in 2016, has organized 66 activities until now, including five festivals and six theater performances. 

From paper marbling to poetry recitation, from sculpture workshop to concerts, from masking to mime art, activities have been organized in festival areas built in public squares. In addition, the Rengahenk Theater team that consists of volunteers of the association, has staged several pieces in nearby villages around Edirne.  

Hundred thousands of people have participated in the activities of the Art on the Street Association in Edirne, Istanbul, Bolu, Gaziantep and Tekirdağ. The “Art on the Street Festival” is organized every year in the first week of May, and the 6th event will be held on May 3-7 this year.

The members of the association believe that art can make a better world possible. While making art free by taking it out onto the streets, the association makes a huge difference that will continue to positively mark the lives of thousands of participants.