Turkey’s Çalık Enerji wins two plant contracts in Georgia

Turkey’s Çalık Enerji wins two plant contracts in Georgia

Turkey’s Çalık Enerji has won two hydroelectric power plant tenders in Georgia, expanding its presence in the country two weeks after clinching a natural gas power plant contract.

The Turkish company has won the tenders for two power plants, with a total capacity of 223 megawatts (MW), which are slated to be built consecutively for $485 million, Interfax News Agency quoted Georgia Energy Ministry as saying on Feb. 3.

The power plant will consist of two cascade dams to be constructed on the Rioni River in Georgia. Accordingly, the first dam, Alpana, will have a 70.6-MW installed power, while Sadmeli power plant will have 153-MW capacity.

The two plants will produce a total of 1 billion kWh of electricity annually.

According to the Interfax report, Çalık Enerji won the tender by placing the best offer of $0.055 per kilowatt-hour of the electricity to be generated.

The company also vowed to finish the construction of both plants within 40 months.

Çalık Enerji had inked a contract for the establishment of a 230-MW natural gas power plant in the country.
The construction cost of that facility was estimated to be around $220 million.