Turkey wants more projects in Bahrain

Turkey wants more projects in Bahrain

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency

Turkey doesn’t have enough construction contracts in Bahrain, Turkey’s Economy Minister Zafer Çaglayan yesterday told Bahrain’s Public Works Minister Basim Bin Yakup El Hamer at a joint meeting at the Economy Ministry in Ankara.

“I especially want to stress that we are interested in all construction, engineering and architectural projects in the East Hidd, East Sitra and North City housing projects in Bahrain,” said Çaglayan.

Turkey has the largest construction sector after China and wants to share its 10 years of experience in public housing construction with Bahrain, he added. Bahrain currently invests $296 million in Turkey and Turkey invests $170 million in Bahrain, a figure which Çaglayan said was too low.

“In addition to the three housing projects, we are interested in multi-billion-dollar projects,” said Çaðlayan.

Al Hamer later visited TOKÝ, the state-run housing company.

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