Turkey to privatize 10 hydropower plants

Turkey to privatize 10 hydropower plants

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Turkey to privatize 10 hydropower plants

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Turkey’s Privatization Administration (ÖİB) has opened tenders for the privatization of a total of 10 hydropower plants, the Official Gazette said on July 29. 

The power plants will be privatized in three groups. 

The bid security for the first group of power plants, Karacaören 1 and 2, was set at 25 million Turkish Liras; for the second group, Kepez 2 and Manavgat, at 20 million liras; for the third group, Fethiye, at 10 million liras; for the fourth group, Kadıncık 1 and 2, at 30 million liras; and for the fifth group, Doğakent, Kürtün and Torul, at 50 million liras. 

The bids will be submitted until Oct. 27 for the first group, Oct. 14 for the second group, Oct. 5 for the third group, Nov. 10 for the fourth group, and Nov. 20 for the fifth group.  

Only legal persons and consortiums can bid. Real persons and private equity funds can bid only if they are a member of a consortium in which there is at least one legal person.