Turkey to co-finance European bank-led projects

Turkey to co-finance European bank-led projects

ANKARA - Anadolu Agency
Turkey to co-finance European bank-led projects

Turkey will co-finance projects led by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) through the Turkish Treasury, the bank said on Jan. 16.

The EBRD-Turkey donor fund will be established during a visit by the bank’s president Suma Chakrabarti to Turkey from Jan. 18-19, according to a statement.

Chakrabarti will gather with top economic officials of Turkey to discuss the bank’s contribution to the Turkish economy and reforms needed to help the country realize its full economic potential.

“In addition, President Chakrabarti will address the general assembly of the leading Turkish business association, TÜSİAD, to reinforce how innovation, economic inclusion and ‘green’ practices can make Turkey’s economy more competitive,” the statement added.

The EBRD has invested 10 billion euros in various sectors of Turkey with almost all investments in the private sector, the bank said.

“These are combined with support for policies, which help modernize the country’s economy and build up its resilience,” it said.