Turkey Symphony Orchestra blends traditions

Turkey Symphony Orchestra blends traditions

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Turkey Symphony Orchestra blends traditions

The orchestra, which was established as an art project, aims to blend samples of contemporary Turkish music with world classical music and share the mix with a global audience.

The Turkey Symphony Orchestra aims to bring traditional Turkish music and classical music to a wider audience, as well as to reflect the culture of Turkey through music, to convey its diversity and richness.

The project focuses on Turkey’s traditional musical heritage and classical music.

The orchestra, which was established as an art project, aims to blend samples of contemporary Turkish music with world classical music and share the mix with a global audience. In the project, local melodies and instruments ingrained in Turkey’s musical culture are presented to music lovers, together with the works of the masters of world classical music. A portion of the revenue obtained from the project is to be spent on social responsibility projects.

 “We believe that we should voluntarily contribute to social development and provide solutions to problems by supporting economic, environmental, cultural and social development in order to improve the quality of life of our society in the new world order,” said the orchestra in a written statement.

According to the members of the orchestra, the revenue gained from these projects will be transferred to various institutions and organizations supporting education, health and economic improvement.

The concert programs, with special content and features, will thus both present the audience with a magnificent concert and support social responsibility initiatives.

The orchestra holds many small projects in itself. There are many activities that will take place throughout the year, such as the Anatolia One Voice Music, a choir established to reflect the different colors and sounds of Turkey’s geography.

Envoy of Favor, another concert and project of the Turkey Symphony Orchestra, focuses on the basic principles of intercultural tolerance and respect between people.

The project also aims to allow audiences to discover the lesser known symphonic Islamic music. The project takes place during the holy month of Ramadan and, in line with the spiritual aspect of this period, the orchestra will perform a symphonic hymn repertoire, offering music lovers rich examples of traditional Turkish music and showcasing examples of spiritual music.

Classical presentation in the Year of Turkey

Taking into account the unifying effect of music, the Turkey Symphony Orchestra will establish a chorus in order to promote the country and its musical culture.

The chorus, which will consist of 81 people from the 81 Turkish provinces, will also perform symphonic music and folkloric works reflecting Turkey’s culture. Concerts at world famous historical sites such as Ephesus, Side and Aspendos, which are visited by tourists from around the world during the summer months, are expected to have a significant role in the overall promotion of Turkey and in highlighting Turkey’s contemporary identity.

In addition, festivals organized with the aim of increasing international cultural relations as well as maintaining and strengthening peace, friendship and tolerance also create platforms for participants to have cultural and knowledge exchanges. Within the scope of the many festivals to be held throughout Turkey, the Turkey Symphony Orchestra will present the audience with an unforgettable musical experience.

Also, Turkey hosts many international congresses every year. During these congresses, classical musical works are performed to introduce the different qualities of Turkey to participants. The Turkey Symphony Orchestra plans to host international congresses. With concerts, participants will experience Turkey’s rich musical culture and samples of contemporary classical music during the congresses. At the congress openings and gala dinners, the participants will experience magnificent classical music concerts which will inspire those attending.

Tune of the Rising Waves

Piri Reis was an Ottoman admiral, cartographer and unique master of marine sciences known for his world maps showing America and the Book of Navigation. A project titled “Turkey Cruise” has been created in honor of UNESCO’s declaration that the year 2013 would be the 500th year of the Piri Reis Maps. The ship’s route will pass through the ports of Turkey visited by many tourists. Within the scope of this project, classical music recitals will be performed for tourists.

Turkey Symphony Orchestra blends traditions