Turkey renews daily power consumption record on July 21

Turkey renews daily power consumption record on July 21

İZMİR- Anadolu Agency
Turkey renews daily power consumption record on July 21

Turkey's daily electricity consumption hit a new record high with 934,482 megawatt-hours on Tuesday, according to official figures of Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEİAŞ) on July 22. 

The country recorded the previous peak on July 7, when the daily electricity consumption reached 932,351 megawatt-hours. Daily electricity consumption on Tuesday also jumped 2.1% compared to Monday.

Hourly power consumption peaked at 17.00 local time with 43,130 megawatt-hours, TEIAS data showed. The country's electricity usage dropped to its lowest level of 31,759 megawatt-hours at local time 07.00.

Electricity production totaled 932,976 megawatt-hours on Tuesday, beating the previous record of 927,648 megawatt-hours on July 7. It also marked a 2.2% increase on Tuesday compared to Monday.

The majority of the output came from natural gas plants at 236,426 megawatt-hours. Imported coal and hydroelectricity power plants followed with 202,585 megawatt-hours and 184,214 megawatt-hours, respectively.

While electricity production from natural gas plants constituted 25.3% of total electricity consumption in Turkey on Tuesday, imported coal plants had a share of 21.7% and hydroelectricity plants had a share of 19.7%.

On Tuesday, Turkey's electricity exports amounted to 2,753 megawatt-hours, while imports reached 4,259 megawatt-hours.