Turkey pledges to send humanitarian aid to CAR

Turkey pledges to send humanitarian aid to CAR

Turkey pledges to send humanitarian aid to CAR

A Burundian soldier of the African-led International Support Mission to the Central African Republic patrols in the streets of the PK5 district of Bangui .

A delegation headed by Ambassador Hulusi Kılıç, including officials from the Prime Ministry’s Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) and  International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), visited the Central African Republic, and reported on the unrest, situation of security and humanitarian needs, as part of efforts to help the African country.
The report was used to make a political decision by the Turkish government to decide on the aid to be made the country, including military troops, as the U.N. asked for military assistance.

A written statement from the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced Turkey would maintain humanitarian aid to the Central African Republic, but did not mention the military aspect.

The visit was beneficial to determine the humanitarian needs of the country, said the ministry. “At this stage, our support for displaced people at camps will be launched by our humanitarian organizations,” read the statement.

Turkey will continue its efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in the Central African Republic providing security, public order and stability as soon as possible, read the statement.