Turkey exports tea to 110 countries

Turkey exports tea to 110 countries

RİZE – Anadolu Agency
Turkey exports tea to 110 countries

Turkey’s General Directorate of Tea Enterprises (Çaykur) was exporting tea to 110 countries by the end of 2017, according to Çaykur Chairman İmdat Sütlüoğlu.

“We are trying to increase our exports and enter new markets,” Sütlüoğlu said at a news conference in the Black Sea province of Rize.

He said Çaykur was doing business in 38 European, 37 African, 15 Asian, 14 Middle Eastern and six American countries.

Çaykur’s tea exports include processed tea and an iced tea named Didi.

Sütlüoğlu said the company would start exporting tea to Iraq starting from this week. 

Çaykur, established in 1983, is a state-owned enterprise will products including white, green, black, organic, leaf and iced tea. It employees more than 10,600 people in 56 factories across Turkey.