Turkey can produce domestic car: Pro-gov't businessman

Turkey can produce domestic car: Pro-gov't businessman

ISTANBUL - Anadolu Agency
It is “neither difficult, nor insane” to produce a domestic car, leading businessman Ethem Sancak said late Nov. 30, adding that Turkey has waited too long to manufacture its own domestic car.

“Take a look at the Far Eastern countries. Every one of them produces domestic cars. European countries do too. Some say it is difficult for Turkey. Why so? Turkey produced its own airplane in 1936 and even received orders for it from the U.K.,” said Sancak, speaking at a meeting organized by the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MÜSİAD).

Sancak, known for his close ties with the government, has recently acquired Turkish armored vehicle, truck and bus manufacturer BMC.

Turkey attempted to produce its first domestic car in 1961, called the “Devrim” (Revolution), but the production of Devrim cars was halted after the first four prototypes were made. Since then, there has been no significant attempt to re-establish a Turkish automobile brand.

Last October, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık pointed to electric automotive technology as a “new window of opportunity,” as Turkey had “missed the train” of combustion motorized cars. Işık set 2020 as the year for the advent of a ready-to-market electric car.