Turkey a powerful hub of innovation: DuPont

Turkey a powerful hub of innovation: DuPont

Turkey a powerful hub of innovation: DuPont

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Turkey is one of the world’s fastest-growing markets and itself is a powerful hub of innovation, Halide Aydınlık, DuPont’s country manager for Turkey, told the Hürriyet Daily News. She was talking about the center that the international giant corporation has just opened in Turkey. “We believe that this innovation center will serve as a catalyst for growth in Turkey, unlocking the problem-solving power of private/public alliances and we hope, in turn, leading to innovative solutions for our Turkish customers.

This will hopefully make them more competitive in a continuously changing world.

“With our experience in Turkey, we believe this is where we can start to build the innovation center network in the MENA [Middle East and North Africa] region that will connect up with the global network.

 By collaborating with partners and customers, our Turkish team will initiate inclusive innovation efforts to respond to the needs and opportunities arising from Turkey and the region.”

Aydınlık noted that Turkey is among the best-performing economies in the world, certainly a key market for them because it is one of the fastest-growing economies globally.

Asked what the DuPont Turkey Innovation Center offers, Aydınlık said, “[It] serves as a good cooperative platform where customers, government, NGOs, academia and all other working partners explore fresh perspectives and new ideas with regards to products and services. Our door is open to everyone.”


Halide Aydınlık, DuPont’s country manager
for Turkey, says Turkey is a powerful hub of

Network of 150 research laboratories

“At the center, we can connect with a network of 150 research laboratories and application development centers across the globe to work on solutions meeting the critical needs of customers.

The real-time collaboration that is made possible at the center, between our customers and team of 10,000 scientists and engineers worldwide, means innovative solutions and increased speed to market for consumers.”

In regard to financing, Aydınlık said, “As DuPont responds to some of the biggest challenges facing an increasingly crowded planet with an annual global research and development investment of $2.1 billion, the latest innovation center in Turkey will focus on science-powered innovation related to the food, construction, automotive and energy industries. The investment is hard to quantify because it is not financial capital but intellectual capital… We also invest significantly in market and industry research. All of that knowledge will be made available to those whom we collaborate with in our innovation centers.”

The DuPont Innovation Center in Turkey is the 11th such center the corporation has opened around the world.