Turkcell tests new 4.5G speed at Istanbul event

Turkcell tests new 4.5G speed at Istanbul event

ISTANBUL - Anadolu Agency
Turkcell tests new 4.5G speed at Istanbul event

Turkcell's CEO Kaan Terzioğlu delivers a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain February 24, 2016. REUTERS Photo

Turkcell tested its new 4.5G Internet speed of 925 Mbps during the Turkcell Technology Summit in Istanbul with success on March 9, with the participation of Turkcell Vice President İlker Kuruöz. 

More than 50 Chief Information Officers (CIO) from Turkey’s leading companies participated in the event hosted by Kuruöz, where the 4.5G Internet speed - reached by combining 4.5G frequencies and Wi-Fi technology - was tested. Participants had a chance to discuss the effects of high-speed mobile Internet in corporate and daily life at the event, which also saw the participation of business strategy expert Martin Reeves. 

Kuruöz told the event that Turkcell will take advantage of spectrum in 4.5G and provide the highest speed Internet possible. 

“We have the infrastructure to provide the broadest frequency in mobile and the 1000 Mbps speed in fiber. Today we have tested a combination of Wi-Fi and 4.5G technologies and reached a speed of 925 Mbps. Two months ago, we reached 1200 Mbps in our tests,” he said. 

“As of April 1, we will be entering the world of gigabytes. We will be able to take the high quality connection everywhere,” he added.

“The world is currently discussing convergence. We saw this trend starting long ago. Five years ago we moved to unite the infrastructures of Turkcell and Superonline. Today our infrastructure is ready for integrated services,” Kuruöz said. 

Noting that digitalization is currently on the agenda of CIOs everywhere, Kuruöz said they would increasingly have to predict the future of Internet technology and prepare their companies for it.