Turkcell assists poor women’s tech access

Turkcell assists poor women’s tech access

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Turkcell assists poor women’s tech access

Turkcell sets up a digital market for products of low-income women. DAILY NEWS photo

Women who can get donations or loans to set up a business with the technological assistance of a mobile operator can now sell their products to a digital market.

Turkey’s largest mobile operator Turkcell has made providing loans to poor and low-income people with no access to financial services like bank credits, just a click away, as it has made it possible to donate or lend from handsets through the web as well as other payment options, including mobile payments and with credit cards.

Turkcell has embarked on the project that aims bringing technology to the service of those fighting poverty approximately a year ago. Collaborating with a microfinance institution to help women within the low-income bracket, who are eager to make a living, the company shortened the gap between lenders and women.

As women who benefited from the microfinancing started to ask for assistance to market their products, Turkcell decided to set up a digital space where the products could be sold.

“We are now providing marketing assistance through technology,” said Koray Öztürkler, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Turkcell, who added that they were operating under the motto of “Technology for equal opportunities.”

The concept of micro-financing was introduced to Turkey in 2003 by the Turkish Foundation for Waste Production (TİSVA).

Women are making a living in an honorable way, according to Aziz Akgül, the director of TİSVA, who said he has always been against donations. “22 billion liras are earmarked in this year’s budget for social assistance. These are our taxes and they will be used for donations,” said Akgül.