Trump: ‘I agree 100%’ to keep US troops in Syria

Trump: ‘I agree 100%’ to keep US troops in Syria

WASHINGTON- Anadolu Agency
Trump: ‘I agree 100%’ to keep US troops in Syria

U.S. President Donald Trump said on March 5 he agrees with the decision to keep a military presence in Syria.       

His comments come two months after he abruptly announced Washington would be pulling all forces from the region.       

NBC News obtained a copy of a letter sent by a group of lawmakers to Trump, which included a written response from the president.       

The Feb. 22 letter applauded the decision by the president to keep a "small American stabilizing force" along with "ground forces from our European allies" in the area, to prevent the resurgence of ISIL.       

"Like you, we seek to ensure that all of the gains made in Syria are not lost, that ISIS never returns, that Iran is not emboldened, and that we consolidate our gains and ensure the best outcome in Geneva for American interests," read the letter, referring to ISIL with another acronym.

"I agree 100%. ALL is being done," Trump wrote in response, directly writing on the letter and signing it.       

In December, Trump announced plans to withdraw all 2,000 American troops from the war-weary country, saying the U.S.-led coalition had succeeded in militarily defeating ISIL.

Then, last month the Trump administration backtracked, saying some 200-400 troops would remain in Syria as part of a peacekeeping effort.