Traces of first farmers discovered in Bilecik

Traces of first farmers discovered in Bilecik

Traces of first farmers discovered in Bilecik

A series of potteries and stone tools carrying traces of the first farming communities were found during archeological excavations in the northwestern province of Bilecik, said the head of the excavations Asst. Prof. Deniz Sarı from the Şeyh Edebali University Archeology Department.

The potteries and stone tools possess the characteristics from the Neolithic Age, said Sarı.

“According to the results of surface surveys in recent years, we can say Bilecik’s history goes as far back as 8,500 years ago,” she said.

Sarı noted they started with surface surveys in 2013 and 2014.


Traces of ‘Fikirtepe Culture’ unearthed

“We came across the type of earthenware that reflects the culture of the first farming societies, named the ‘Fikirtepe Culture’ [the name given to the lifestyles of those who lived in Istanbul or in the nearby surroundings in the Neolithic age],” Sarı said.

She also noted they believed Bilecik represented two different kinds of culture in its southern and northern regions.

The archeology team had started the excavations from the south. The evaluation of the findings from this study has already been done.

“The pottery and stone tool findings we discovered in the south side in the Bozüyük district last year showed Bilecik’s history dated back to 6,500 B.C.,” she said.

Sarı said they were almost ready with this year’s excavations in the northern regions and evaluations of new findings were ongoing.

“Specifically in the research we carried out around Bozüyük last year and in the districts of Söğüt, Yenipazar, Gölpazarı and İnhisar this year, we have identified settlement areas such as burial mounds and caves, which are cultural spaces belonging to the old ages,” Sarı said.

“Findings like small tools from flint stones and earthenware pieces can generally be seen on the surface due to their use in activities. They tell us when people settled in this region, their function and to which era they date back to,” she said.

Bilecik is known to be home to many civilizations from Bithynia to the Roman and Ottoman empires.