Tourism investor calls on sector to renew country’s image

Tourism investor calls on sector to renew country’s image

Salim Uzun
Tourism investor calls on sector to renew country’s image Rixos Hotels Group Executive Committee head Fettah Tamince has called on Turkey’s tourism sector to take on the work of renewing the country’s image abroad in the aftermath of the July 15 failed coup attempt. 

Stating planning work to renew Turkey’s image by targeting foreign media outlets had already begun, Tamince continued: “I am calling on all tourism investors. Turkey has gone through a very important incident. Our government is conducting serious work, especially on security matters. We should be handling the economic and international image dimensions. I am ready to support with all my economic power any contribution to be provided by our sector during this period.”

He emphasized Turkey has been focused on the economic effects of the failed coup attempt for days and suggested tourism investors and managers should have a special budget to this end.

Special advertising

Turkish media set an example to the world by jointly standing up against the coup attempt, Tamince said.

“Our media has done its part and it is still continuing to do so. However, we should explain to the international media that this upsetting process has started to normalize and that Turkey is not a troubled country in terms of security and tourism. Special advertising work can be done on this matter.”

The world should see the truth, Tamince said, adding, “We accept that the incidents experienced here are really upsetting. However, during this period the international media had accommodated untrue, deceiving and misleading stories. The only way to prevent this is corrective image work and professional PR. We have started working on that. We expect the same sensitivity from our tourism investors.”

Safe vacation emphasis

“Let us involve our international partners in this matter. Let us rise to the occasion in view of the entire world. Let us speak, let us explain. Let us use social media, send emails. Let us emphasize that people can have a safe vacation in Antalya, İzmir or in any place in Turkey. Let us raise funds for this. Let us not expect everything from the state. Let us not give up. Let everybody shoulder the responsibility,” he said.