Timuray becomes Vodafone’s regional CEO

Timuray becomes Vodafone’s regional CEO

Timuray becomes Vodafone’s regional CEO

Serpil Timuray, who headed Vodafone’s regional branch that includes Turkey, has been appointed as the communication company’s Europe CEO, according to a statement released by the company on Oct. 1.

Timuray has also been an executive member of the Vodafone World since 2014, read the statement.

Simultaneously with the appointment, Vodafone Turkey has been a part of the group’s Europe branch, it added.

Vodafone Turkey was previously under the branch of Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, and Timuray was the CEO of the branch.

With the appointment, Timuray will move to the office in London and keep her post as the chairperson of Vodafone Turkey.

The company said in a statement that Timuray took several responsibilities, including heading the commercial operations and strategy chair for Vodafone World, where she ran a successful brand strategy under the motto “The Future is Exciting. Ready.”

She started her business life in the marketing department of Procter & Gamble Turkey in 1991. She joined DanoneSA Tikveşli company of DanoneSA, a Turkish joint venture company of Groupe Danone with Sabancı Holding, and became marketing director and member of the executive committee in 1999. She was appointed general manager and chairperson of the executive committee at DanoneSA Dairy Products in June 2002.

She was engaged in the takeover of DanoneSA companies and Nestlé Turkey Dairy Products by the Danone Group with their subsequent consolidation and integration.

On Nov. 11, 2008 she transferred to Vodafone Turkey. Timuray became its chief operating officer on Jan. 1, 2009, before becoming the regional CEO in 2013.

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