Three Britons arrested at Turkish border

Three Britons arrested at Turkish border

ATHENS - Reuters
Three Britons arrested at Turkish border Greek police said on Feb. 14 they had arrested three heavily armed Britons near the border with Turkey where they were suspected of heading to join Kurdish forces fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) jihadists.

One of the three, a 40-year-old said to be of Kurdish Iraqi origin, had four firearms and 200,000 rounds in his possession when he was picked up at the Kipi border post on the Evros River which borders the two nations.

Police arrested two other men, both in their mid-30s, in the port of Alexandropolis, the main town in the Evros region and a key commercial center in northeastern Greece.

They were found in possession of 18 firearms and 40,000 22mm and 5.5 mm bullets stowed in a trailer.

Counter-terrorism services in Greece are now investigating the trio after police officials said they suspected all three of “terrorism and belonging to a criminal organization,” as well as arms trafficking. 

On Jan. 31, two men with Swedish passports were arrested in the same region after they were found carrying “combat material” having flown to Greece from Sweden before heading towards Turkey by bus.

One, Mirsad Bektasevic, a suspected jihadist of Bosnian origin, was charged with “terrorist” activities along with an accomplice believed to hail from Yemen.

Bektasevic was previously arrested in 2005 in Sarajevo after a police search of his house uncovered ammunition and explosives and a video in which a masked man called for attacks on Capitol Hill and the White House.