Theater stage modernizes Turkish version of Cyclops

Theater stage modernizes Turkish version of Cyclops

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Theater stage modernizes Turkish version of Cyclops

Only sand is used in the decor of the play, Tepegöz, the Turkish version of the legendary creature Cyclops. AA photo

Tepegöz,” one of the Dede Qorqut stories and a significant character in Turkish mythology, brings the audiences on a fairy tale adventure on the theater stage with a new lighting system purchased from Europe.

Speaking about the play, which was first performed last week, director of the play, Kemal Başar said, “This work has a nature that it can tell our own culture with a universal language. If this nature goes well, we can really create a Turkish theater style that has never been done so far.”

Başar said that while preparing for the play, they had worked with one of the world’s best known designers Roman artist Mihai Constantin Ranin for the creation of the characters with fantastic elements, and that they had purchased the lightning systems of the latest technology and various materials from Europe.

“We are doing something that the State Theaters have never done so far and this is a risk for us. We use the lights that have never been used so far. We use the weighed systems very effectively; tubes rise and down, bugs are flying in the air, snakes are moving in the ground. Knowledge and habits are different things. There should not be technical troubles. Otherwise what we do looks like a childish thing,” Başar said.

Designed in Romania

He noted that the Tepegöz model had been designed in Romania nearly six months ago, adding that its three-meter long sculpture was made first.

“Then it was taken from its mold and filled with silicon. In the next level, the mold was painted with skin color dye. Then 50-centimeter shoes with springs were added in the mold for the artists to easily move in it. As a result, we have created a 30-kilogram costume,” he explained.

As for the Tepegöz, Başar said, “We all know the Greek mythology and this is taught to us in the conservatory. Our knowledge about the Romany mythology is not too bad. But nobody knows about Turkish mythology. The number of Turkish works is so few but this work by Turgay Nar, Tepegöz, is a very valuable one telling the immigration adventure of Turks from the Central Asia to Anatolia with love, betrayal, hatred, passion in it.”

He said that even though they had purchased new systems and materials, the cost of the work was very low, adding that he did not adhere to the idea of spending millions of liras for a work and making the show with the money of the state. “The lighting system that we purchased has a life of 50 years.”

The play has been choreographed by Volkan Ersoy, the former chief dancer of the State Opera and Ballet. The play is performed by dancers from the State Opera and ballet as well as State Theaters.