Tax office honors Doğan with award

Tax office honors Doğan with award

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Tax office honors Doğan with award

Doğan Holding honorary chair Aydın Doğan (C) receives an award from Kadir Aruntay (R), head of a tax office in Istanbul, during a ceremony in Istanbul.

Aydın Doğan, the honorary chairman of Doğan Holding, was granted an award by the Revenue Administration over the amount of tax he paid last year on his revenues in 2010, according to daily Hürriyet.

He paid about 7.3 million Turkish Liras in taxes on a total of about 21 million liras in income in 2010. 

The 7.3 million liras of income tax put Doğan in 10th place among the highest taxpayers in Istanbul. He came in 11th place nationwide. Kadir Aruntaş, the head of the Hocapaşa Tax Office in Istanbul, presented Doğan a plaque.

The Finance Ministry units carry out awarding in the tax week, which is celebrated during the last week of February every year. Doğan Holding owns the Hürriyet Daily News

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