Taliban says Sunday's attack 'start of spring offensive'

Taliban says Sunday's attack 'start of spring offensive'

KABUL - Agence France-Presse
Taliban says Sundays attack start of spring offensive

Soldiers from the Afghan National Army keep watch near PRT as smoke raise from the site of an attack in Jalalabad. REUTERS photo

Taliban said a wave of gun and suicide attacks in Afghanistan's capital and three eastern towns were coordinated and marked the start of the rebels' "spring offensive."

Zabihullah Mujahed, the Taliban spokesman, told AFP by phone from an unknown location, that the attacks were also a message to the Kabul government and its Western military backers "who believed we will not launch a spring offensive."

"The Kabul administration and the invading forces had said some time ago that the Taliban will not be able to launch a spring offensive. Today's attacks were the start of our spring offensive," he told AFP.