Summit brings together different thoughts

Summit brings together different thoughts

Akkan SUVER*
Summit brings together different thoughts The world is encountering unbelievable incidents. 

Technology is advancing in full-speed yet unfortunately we cannot say the same for civilization. An isolated generation that doesn’t take their eyes off the computers, mobile phones, thinks that the social relationship is about clicking on social media on the computer is coming. The technology which we have produced with our own hands has started to make us its slave. If we don’t remember our genetic codes and start to contact each other and remember that we are creatures with souls instead of some materials, we will be doomed to be completely isolated.

The incidents that occur in Europe, America, Africa and Asia are full of examples of polarization. However, we all need to know that where there is polarization, there can be neither economic nor social stability.

The world we live in today is in chaos. United Nations, in which the world comes together is included this chaos. The decisions the United Nations make can be pending. For instance, Armenia seized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. United Nations considered this action wrong and warned Armenia to get them out of the land that they occupied yet Armenia did not follow this warning.

European Union is the peace and stability project of the age. As a matter of fact, a new phase for the EU has begun. In the meantime, if I need to make an economic review regarding the EU, while the Chinese economy is the economy that has increased its share in the fastest way in the world trade, Euro zone is the economy that has lost its share the most.

On the other hand, decrease in China’s growth seems to continue to pose a threat for Europe as well. With a broader aspect, the economies which seem to be growing cannot grow up to their rate of growth. Thus, the growth rates occurring in various regions of Europe are not enough to decrease the unemployment.

In other respects, where will a union without the United Kingdom in it will lead the Europe to? Will there be other splits from the union? Will the organizational structure of the EU change? We will try to find the answers of all of these questions with the politicians, academicians and civil society pioneers from different countries at the “Challenges That European Union Faces with and Its Future Concerns” session of the 20th Eurasian Economic Summit.

On the other hand, however, the European Union have violated their own rules, violated the rule they have established which indicates that the countries which have border problems cannot be a member and made Greek Populated Southern Cyprus as a member. The European Union, which applies double standard to Turkey has not made an immigration policy inside themselves as well. NATO is an organization that we are proudly a member of.

However, Turkey is under unbelievable threats, there is chaos in our borders, yet NATO does not make any initiatives about this situation. These incidents that I have mentioned belonging to the chaos of these days we live in are the ones that we all know very well. On the other hand, it is wrong to associate the terrorist incidents, the inhumane activities happening around the world with Islam. It is not appropriate and true. It is
unfair to Islam.

*Summarized from Mr. Akkan Suver’s opening speech at the Eurasian Economic Summit.