‘Sports prosecutors’ to address hooliganism

‘Sports prosecutors’ to address hooliganism

The General Directorate of Security has filed a report with the Ministry of Justice, proposing the introduction of “Sports Prosecutors” in order to avoid violence in sports.

According to the proposition, every province will have its own sports prosecutors, who will watch “critical games” inside the stadiums and will report on troubles immediately, daily Zaman reported yesterday.

It has been also said that such prosecutors have already “de facto” started this in Istanbul.

The report also proposes a decrease in the number of night games, saying that matches played after-hours made it difficult to reach prosecutors and start legal procedures.

The report is the result of a meeting between security representatives, representatives of the Super League clubs, and Football Federation members.

The report comes a year after the law on violence in sports was passed, which called for heavier punishments for misbehaving football fans.