Spanish diva Luz Casal to take stage in Istanbul

Spanish diva Luz Casal to take stage in Istanbul

Spanish diva Luz Casal to take stage in Istanbul

Luz Casal is known for her voice in Pedro Almadovar’s ‘Distant Heels.’

Spanish diva Luz Casal is  best known for her voice in  the film “Distant Heels” by  Pedro Almodovar.

Now, after producing the new album “Alma,” she will perform new songs and old favorites from
her 30-year career at Istanbul’s Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall on April 21.

Casal was granted a special critics prize in 1980 after the  release of her first single album, “El Ascensor” (The Elevator).  Following an offer by  Almodovar, Casal sang “Piensa En Mi” (Think of Me), a classical song by Agustin Lara, and “Un Ano De Amor” (A Year of Love) for the movie “Tacones Lejanos” (Distant Heels) in an act that shot her to international recognition.

In 2007, the artist announced on her website that she had  cancer. After beating the affliction, she produced “Se  Feliz” (Be Happy) for the album “Vida Toxica” (Toxic Life), which referred to chemotherapy; the song became the latest in a long line of hits in her storied career.

In 2009, she published a new album “La Pasión” (The Passion), an album in which the singer paid homage to the most important bolero singers from the 1940s to the 1960s. This album went gold in Spain and platinum in France. She was awarded with the Medal Of Arts And Culture of France which coincided with the release.

In 2010, Casal announced that her cancer had returned, but she was able to take the stage after the disease went back into remission. During the period, 200,000 euros was raised for the Cancer Association of Spain at a concert in Madrid.