Sabancı worried over graft probe

Sabancı worried over graft probe

ISTANBUL - Anadolu Agency
Sabancı worried over graft probe

Sabancı Holding Chairperson Güler Sabancı listens a conference with former Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan (L), who resigned over graft allegations. DHA photo

Sabancı Holding Chairperson Güler Sabancı said the graft allegations that dominated Turkey’s agenda prompted concerns, urging parties to avoid damaging the independence of the judiciary.

“We watch the corruption and bribery allegations that recently came to the agenda and the developments that erupted following those allegations with concerns,” she said in a written New Year message sent to Sabancı Holding employees.

“We have worries that Turkey might be affected adversely by these developments,” she added.

After the launch of a vast graft probe into scores of high-ranking figures close to the Justice and Development Party (AKP), a power crisis emerged between the government and judiciary and the police force, which is mostly dominated by followers of Islamist scholar Fethullah Gülen.

In her statement, Sabancı has urged all parties to be sensitive about protecting the independence and transparency of the judiciary. She also asked sides to resolve the problem without causing any damage to the public’s trust in the supremacy of the law.

Recalling there was an election-heavy agenda ahead of the country, Sabancı noted her expectation for these polls to be a chance for resolution of those problems.

“The way to overcome some difficult times and deadlock is elections that are carried out with freedom and security. I wish 2014 will be a year for our country to transit to stability and public peace with the help of elections,” she said.

The chairperson also reasserted her remarks pressuring the government and the businessmen to revive efforts for full European Union (EU) membership.