Russia revokes licenses of 19 ‘Turkey-oriented’ tour operators

Russia revokes licenses of 19 ‘Turkey-oriented’ tour operators

Russia revokes licenses of 19 ‘Turkey-oriented’ tour operators


The Russian Tourism Agency has revoked the license of 19 Russian tour operators associated with the Turkish tourism market, Russian media outlets have reported. 

All of these tour operators are excluded from the federal registry number of legal entities, according to an official government order published on the website Rostourism. 

In accordance with Russian legislation, the targeted tour operators will not be able to conduct activities within Russian territory, according to Russian reports. 

The text of the order to expel the companies, as well as a list of legal entities, was described on the Rostourism website as “important.”

Russia also broadened its sanctions against Turkey on Dec. 30 to bar new Turkish construction and curb tourism activities in Russia, an expansion of measures put in place last month after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane.

The expanded sanctions banned Turkish citizens or companies from operating tourism agencies in Russia. 

Turkey has in recent years become a popular destination for Russian tourists and Russia has been the second largest source of tourists for Turkey after Germany.