Russia raises quota on tomato imports from Turkey

Russia raises quota on tomato imports from Turkey

Russia raises quota on tomato imports from Turkey

Russia has decided to increase its quota imposed on tomato imports from Turkey, the Turkish trade minister said on Jan. 21.

“Quota imposed on our tomato exports by Russia has been increased from 200,000 tons to 250,000 tons,” Ruhsar Pekcan tweeted.

The decree will come into force in 10 days, she added.

Russia has been Turkey’s top tomato export markets in recent years.

However, Turkey’s tomato exports to Russia declined by 28 percent year on year to $62.2 million in 2020.

Last year, Turkey’s total tomato exports rose by 3 percent compared to 2019, reaching $313.4 million, according to data by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM).

Turkey is the fourth largest tomato producer in the world, with around 14 million tons of production annually. More than half a million tons of that volume was exported to 52 countries last year.

Although finding it insufficient, producers in the Mediterranean province of Antalya were happy with the decision.

“Of course, this is a step in the positive direction, but our producers and exporters demand a quota-free trade. Lifting restrictions on exports from [the Aegean province of] İzmir and Antalya immediately would be very helpful for our sector,” Antalya Commodity Exchange Head Ali Çandır said.

“This restriction doesn’t only hit us, it forces Russian citizens to eat tomatoes for higher prices as well,” Çandır told Demirören News Agency.