Ruling party set to win in Turkish Cyprus elections

Ruling party set to win in Turkish Cyprus elections

Ruling party set to win in Turkish Cyprus elections

A right-wing nationalist party has won the majority of votes in snap legislative elections Turkish Cyprus, according to provisional official results released on Jan. 24.

The ruling National Unity Party (UBP) of right-wing Faiz Sucuoğlu won 39.5 percent of the vote, strengthening its presence in the parliament by taking nearly half of 50 seats.

The centre-left Republican Turkish Party (CTP) came second with 32 percent of the vote to take 18 seats, according to the country’s election authority (YSK).

They were followed by Democrat Party (DP) with 7.41 percent, Rebirth Party (YDP) with 6.39 percent and People’s Party (HP) with 6.68 percent.

The Communal Democracy Party (TDP), Communal Liberation Party New Forces (TKP-YG) and Independence Path (BY) stayed below the 5 percent threshold.

Some small and socialist parties, including United Cyprus Party (BKP) and New Cyprus Party (YKP) had called for a boycott of the vote, stating that “nothing will change” until Turkish Cypriots are “liberated from the yoke of Ankara.”

Five parties in parliament

Compared to the previous election, the UBP increased their number of seats by three, the number of seats of the CTP increased by 50 percent, while the HP decreased from nine deputies to three deputies.

With the current standings, UBP gets 24 seats, CTP 18, DP three, HP three, and YDP two in the parliament.

Final results are expected in the next few days with turnout estimated at 58.2 percent when polls closed.

Speaking following the unofficial results were announced, Sucuoğlu said that the elections have proved to be a victory for democracy.

He noted an economic downturn was experienced in the past and that he is sure that the new government will overcome the ongoing problems.

Regarding forming a government, Sucuoğlu said a new roadmap with a coalition partner will be drawn so that the country will be able to stand its own legs.

Main opposition CTP Chairperson Tufan Erhürman noted that they have increased the party’s votes by nearly 50 percent, noting that his party will work harder as the opposition in the upcoming term and adopt a harsher stance against “wrongful” policies.

Noting that there has been a significant decrease in voter turnout, DP Chairperson Fikri Ataoğlu said the reasons behind it need to be analyzed.

The TDP Chairperson Cemal Özyiğit said he will submit his resignation as the chair for failing to reach expectations and that he would make a more detailed analysis after official election results.

The Turkish Cyprus last November set the date for early elections, one year ahead of the schedule, following the sudden resignation of former Primer Minister Ersan Saner.