Right-wing party in Belgium protests against Islamists

Right-wing party in Belgium protests against Islamists

Right-wing party in Belgium protests against Islamists

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Around 100 right-wing demonstrators, lead by the Belgium People's Party, have gathered in Brussels to protest against Islamic group Sharia4Belgium, private broadcaster NTV reported today.

The latest clashes between police and organization members follow the government's recent ban on clothes covering the face in the country.  

The protesters chanted slogans such as: "Non-integrated Muslims out," and "No to Islamic facism."  

"Some of them demand seperate hours for men and women in swimming pools, while others does not attend history or gymnastics classes," Belgium People's Party leader Mischael Modrikamen said.

"People who came to Belgium should accept our values ... Those who do not respect this country's values should be deported."  

Modrikamen also condemned the politician who accepted the first woman with a religious headscarf into the Belgian Parliament. 

"The fear should come over," he said. "Islamists should be afraid of us now."  

Sharia4Belgium is a group demanding sharia law, which is organized in many other Europen countries in groups such as Sharia4UK, Sharia4France, Sharia4Spain, and Sharia4Holland.