Research completed for nuke power plant

Research completed for nuke power plant

ANKARA - Reuters
Research completed for nuke power plant

Akkuyu district of the southern province of Mersin where Turkey’s first nuclear power plant is slated to be built is seen in this file picture. DHA photo

The seismic research for Turkey’s first nuclear power plant, which is slated to be built in Akkuyu in the southern province of Mersin, have been completed, according to the constructor firm, Russian Rosatom.

Rosatom Deputy Manager Kirill Komarov said the company had completed all the engineering works in the region, including seismic research. He said they planned to obtain an electricity generation permit this year, stressing that their works were proceeding on schedule. 

Rosatom applied for an exploration license of stone quarry for the Akkuyu nuclear power plant. “After we obtain all necessary permits, we will present a draft to Turkish officials that will evaluate it until 
the mid-2015. Then start up works will be launched,” he said, adding that electricity generation would begin physically in 2019 but that they aimed to officially open a nuclear power plant by 2020. 

Turkey and Russia signed the deal to build the first nucleur power plant at Akkuyu in 2010.