Rebel gov’t and premier to be based inside Syria

Rebel gov’t and premier to be based inside Syria

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Rebel gov’t and premier to be based inside Syria

Members of the Syrian opposition gather in Istanbul to elect a prime minister and transitional government. If elected, they are expected to stay inside Syria. Hürriyet Daily News photo by Emrah Güler

The interim government and prime minister of the Syrian opposition will be based in Syria and stay there, members of the group said yesterday, as candidates say a difficult task awaits them.

Call from rebel chief

The chief of staff of the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA), Gen. Salim Idris, said he gives his full support to the yet-to-be-elected interim prime minister.

“We are willing to work under the political leadership of this government. We announced that we recognize this coalition and now we recognize this government as an umbrella,” Idris told reporters.

The rebel chief said they have taken the responsibility to protect the government in liberated areas while reiterating a call to countries that back the uprising to supply ammunition. He also promised to return weapons after the war is over, even missiles.

Britain and France have raised the pressure on other European Union members to lift a ban on supplying arms to Syria.

After the election of the interim premier, members of the government will be elected and seek to represent Syria in the Arab League, said Khaled Khoja, the SNC’s Turkey representative, adding that the next step will be representing Syria in the United Nations.